“Let there be light”

This is the first post on this site, so I think it should be standout, especially interesting and high effective. I hope without any linguistic tricks or over usage of twisted legal cases, the subject of this site itself can grab your attention.

Have you ever been wondering what happens with someone’s Facebook profile, e-mail account or World of Warcraft character when he or she passes away? I don’t blame you, if the answer is no.

Although it is not a question of doubt that the Internet become a second level of our life in the last decades. We start our day with the news on our phone, on the way to work we check our Facebook profile, at work we send dozens of e-mails, and when we finally get home in the afternoon, play some online games to switch off our brain. Furthermore after a holiday or a great meal, we can’t wait to share the photos with our friends and followers. But what happens when we lose someone we love and with this person we lose the access with some valuable, emotionally relevant content (unsent last messages, online stored last selfies, etc.)?

Maybe we can answer this question from the view of the practical life, but it is such a complicated issue if we approach it from the aspect of law. Since 2013, I’ve been trying to collect all the knowledge we have about the legal and practical aspects of online data after death, and find the best solution between locking all these emotionally valuable data forever and opening Pandora’s box.

On this site, I will publish all the legal and practical solutions I found,especially in the American and Hungarian legal system and I encourage you, Dear Visitor to share your thoughts with us, or contact me to ask questions or start a conversation (see Contact below).

I hope with starting this blog, I can help this topic to get to more people and I also hope it will help me to get in touch with people who are also interested in this very current issue.