Light a candle for the dead (with a click) –

Beyond the scope of our subject with legal nature, there are also other aspects of the relationship of grief and the world wide web. The post is about a special website for mourning relatives. is a website for making memorial pages for our loved ones who passed away. A relative and a friend can create this memorial page, and can send obituaries. On this page they can upload photos of the deceased or the story of his or her life, choose music which is played on the memorial page, light a „digital” candle and even spot on Google Maps where is the physical grave of the deceased.

The page is basically free and for 12€/ year there are premium options (like playing your favourite song on the page, or make a special QR code which brings the user for the page).

Hopefully it won’t become a tendency to move every emotional expression to the internet, but this page is undisputedly can be practical for relatives and friends who live on the other side of the world and can’t visit the grave personally. This page has a restrained and respectful approach to the very sensitive subject of grief, so I think it is a remarkable idea.